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Location codes 121-140 of 798 in Alaska, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
PAOU NLG OUL Nelson Lagoon, Alaska, US
PAPN PIP PNP Pilot Point, Alaska, US
PAWD SWD SWD Seward, Alaska, US
NKI AK62 Tuxekan Island [Naukati Bay SPB], Alaska, US
PUO 90AK Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse [Northstar Heliport], Alaska, US
PATJ TKJ TKJ Tok, Alaska, US
PAKK KKA KKA Koyuk [Koyuk Alfred Adams Airport], Alaska, US
PAMC MCG MCG McGrath [McGrath Airport], Alaska, US
PATG TOG TOG Togiak Village [Togiak Airport], Alaska, US
AOS AK81 Amook Bay [Amook Bay SPB], Alaska, US
PAIW WAA IWK Wales, Alaska, US
PAKP AKP AKP Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska, US
PAEH EHM EHM Cape Newenham [Cape Newenham LRRS Airport], Alaska, US
PALN LNI AK71 Lonely [Lonely Air Station], Alaska, US
ALZ ALZ Alitak (Lazy Bay) [Alitak SPB], Alaska, US
PAML MLY MLY Manley Hot Springs, Alaska, US
PADM MLL MDM Marshall [Marshall Don Hunter Sr. Airport], Alaska, US
PAHN HNS HNS Haines, Alaska, US
KKB KKB Kitoi Bay [Kitoi Bay SPB], Alaska, US
PAJZ KGK JZZ Koliganek, Alaska, US

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