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Location codes 161-180 of 802 in Alaska, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
PFYU FYU FYU Fort Yukon, Alaska, US
PAGQ BGQ BGQ Big Lake, Alaska, US
PAQC AQC Klawock [Klawock SPB], Alaska, US
PAFS NIB FSP Nikolai, Alaska, US
PAIW WAA IWK Wales, Alaska, US
DJN D66 Delta Junction, Alaska, US
PAHV HKB HRR Healy [Healy River Airport], Alaska, US
PAMD MDO MDO Middleton Island, Alaska, US
KPH KPH Pauloff Harbor (Sanak Island) [Pauloff Harbor SPB], Alaska, US
PAPE KPV PEV Perryville, Alaska, US
PPDM DIO DM2 Diomede [Diomede Heliport], Alaska, US
PFKA KUK Z09 Kasigluk, Alaska, US
PARS RSH RSH Russian Mission, Alaska, US
PAIN MCL INR McKinley Park [McKinley National Park Airport], Alaska, US
PATE TLA TER Teller, Alaska, US
PAHN HNS HNS Haines, Alaska, US
PAWM WMO WMO White Mountain, Alaska, US
PFKP KPB KPB Point Baker [Point Baker SPB], Alaska, US
PARC ARC ARC Arctic Village, Alaska, US
PABA BTI BTI Barter Island, Alaska, US

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