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Location codes 181-200 of 328 in Arizona, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
2AZ4 Maricopa [Millar Airport], Arizona, US
AZ72 Phoenix [Police & Public Safety Building Heliport], Arizona, US
51AZ Prescott Valley [Yavapai Regional Medical Center East Heliport], Arizona, US
3AZ5 Peach Springs [Hualapai Airport], Arizona, US
E91 Chinle [Muni], Arizona, US
5AZ7 Stanfield [Carranza Farm Airstrip], Arizona, US
E77 San Manuel, Arizona, US
AZ03 Marble Canyon [Cliff Dwellers Airport], Arizona, US
08AZ Mesa [Mesa Police Heliport], Arizona, US
P48 Peoria [Pleasant Valley Airport], Arizona, US
52AZ Seligman [X-1 Ranch Upper Headquarters Airport], Arizona, US
93AZ Willcox [Inde Motorsports Ranch Airport], Arizona, US
AZ28 Morristown [Thunder Ridge Airpark], Arizona, US
6AZ2 Heber [Wisky Ranch/Chevlon Airport], Arizona, US
31AZ Benson, Arizona, US
AZ17 Douglas [Circle H Ranch Airport], Arizona, US
E60 Eloy [Muni], Arizona, US
56AZ Tonopah [Mauldin Airstrip], Arizona, US
4AZ9 Willcox [Leroy Airport], Arizona, US
AZ90 Laveen [Hangar Haciendas Airport], Arizona, US

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