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Location codes 341-360 of 923 in California, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CL77 Santa Cruz [Bonny Doon Airport], California, US
64CA Truckee [Tahoe Forest Hospital Heliport], California, US
CL86 Santa Clara [Santa Clara Towers Heliport], California, US
CL26 Chatsworth [Omninet West Valley LP Heliport], California, US
1O6 Dunsmuir [Muni-Mott], California, US
CL19 Glendale [Bank of America Glendale Heliport], California, US
3CN5 Los Angeles [Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department South La Heliport], California, US
2CA0 Three Rivers [Ash Mountain Heliport], California, US
81L Valencia [Sheriff's Wayside Heliport], California, US
CL93 Shaver Lake [SCE Shaver Summit Heliport], California, US
D83 Boonville, California, US
13CL Dixon [Maine Prairie Airport], California, US
3O8 Coalinga [Harris Ranch Airport], California, US
L45 Bakersfield [Muni], California, US
37CL Escondido [Lyall Airport], California, US
CA85 Irvine [Opus Center Irvine Heliport], California, US
1O3 Lodi, California, US
CA50 Malibu [Hughes/Malibu Heliport], California, US
9CL8 Huntington Beach [Dcor Platform Eva Heliport], California, US
05CL Pope Valley, California, US

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