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Location codes 161-180 of 923 in California, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KTSP TSP TSP Tehachapi [Muni], California, US
KLLR LLR Little River, California, US
KFCH FCH FCH Fresno [Fresno Chandler Executive Airport], California, US
CL70 Los Angeles [Queen of Angel-Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital Heliport], California, US
3CA6 Los Angeles [Trizec 5670 Wilshire LLC Heliport], California, US
KMAE MAE MAE Madera [Muni], California, US
KNXF NXF Oceanside [Marine Corps Outlying Field Camp Pendleton Airport (Red Beach)], California, US
CL00 Los Angeles [USC University Hospital Heliport], California, US
2CA8 Yucca Valley [B & E Ranch Airport], California, US
FOB 82CL Fort Bragg, California, US
KCPM CPM CPM Compton [Compton/Woodley Airport], California, US
16CA San Francisco [Police Pistol Range Heliport], California, US
CA26 San Francisco [Hall of Justice Heliport], California, US
KTNP TNP TNP Twentynine Palms, California, US
KAHC AHC AHC Herlong [Amedee AAF Airport], California, US
KBWC BWC BWC Brawley [Muni], California, US
CL76 San Diego [U S Naval Medical Center San Diego Heliport], California, US
KHJO HJO Hanford [Muni], California, US
KIZA SQA IZA Santa Ynez, California, US
CN17 San Diego [Rady Childrens Hospital - San Diego Heliport], California, US

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