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Location codes 281-300 of 467 in Colorado, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CO53 Fort Collins [Yankee Field], Colorado, US
CD23 Calhan [Aero Bear Field], Colorado, US
CO24 Colorado Springs [Penrose Hospital Heliport], Colorado, US
CO93 Larkspur [Perry Park Airport], Colorado, US
41CO Meeker [Flying Dog Ranch Airstrip], Colorado, US
0CO9 Monte Vista [Van Treese Airport], Colorado, US
CD80 Oak Creek [Phippsburg Heliport], Colorado, US
80CO Pueblo [Simonson Field], Colorado, US
1CD4 Steamboat Springs [Eagle Soaring Airport], Colorado, US
82CO Grand Junction [Mountain Bell Heliport], Colorado, US
CO56 Keenesburg [JJS Airport], Colorado, US
27CO Delta [Roubideau Airport], Colorado, US
35CO Punkin Center [Lone Tree Ranch Airport], Colorado, US
49CO Roggen [Air Dusters Inc. Airport], Colorado, US
1CO9 Cortez [MCHD Heliport], Colorado, US
8CO7 Niwot [Colorado Antique Field], Colorado, US
32CO Penrose [Braun Airport], Colorado, US
4CD0 Pueblo [Parkview Medical Center West Heliport], Colorado, US
74CO Roggen [Westberg-Rosling Farms Airport], Colorado, US
20CO Golden [Lookout Center Field Heliport], Colorado, US

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