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Location codes 221-240 of 926 in Florida, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
FD61 Live Oak [Red Barn Acres Airport], Florida, US
9FL1 Bushnell [Flying W Airranch Airport], Florida, US
EVER Everglades National Park [Everglades NP], Florida, US
X52 Vero Beach [New Hibiscus Airpark], Florida, US
9FL0 Live Oak [Suwannee Belle Airport], Florida, US
6FL6 Sarasota [Sarasota Department of Fire-Rescue East Side Heliport], Florida, US
FL34 Valparaiso [Eglin Test Site B6 Airport], Florida, US
2CB Camp Blanding Military Reservation (Starke) [Camp Blanding AAF/NG Airport], Florida, US
2FD6 Oak Hill [Tully Rv Airpark], Florida, US
2FD7 Orlando [Air Orlando Heliport], Florida, US
4FA3 Fort Myers [Tranquility Bay Strip], Florida, US
12FL Orlando [Timberlachen SPB], Florida, US
95FD La Belle [South Point Airport], Florida, US
FL41 South Bay [Okeelanta Airport], Florida, US
BISC Biscayne National Park [Biscayne NP], Florida, US
X06 Arcadia [Muni], Florida, US
70FD Panama City [Gulf Coast Helicopters Heliport], Florida, US
FD01 Tampa [Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Heliport], Florida, US
30FD Fort Lauderdale [City of Fort Lauderdale Heliport], Florida, US
5FL7 Hernando [Twelve Oaks Airport], Florida, US

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