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Location codes 121-140 of 481 in Georgia, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
GA85 Atlanta [State Capital Parking Lot Heliport], Georgia, US
52A Madison [Muni], Georgia, US
86GA Tunnel Hill [Flying G Ranch Airport], Georgia, US
GA81 Ft Valley [Big Dog - Cameron Field], Georgia, US
16J Dawson [Muni], Georgia, US
GA42 Bainbridge [Vada Airport], Georgia, US
GA99 Fort Valley [Miami Valley Farm Airport], Georgia, US
3GA5 Villa Rica [Diamond R Ranch Airport], Georgia, US
6GA8 Carrollton [Flying W Farms Airport], Georgia, US
GE11 Lafayette [Hogjowl Airport], Georgia, US
2GE9 Atlanta [The Barclay Condos Heliport], Georgia, US
D73 Monroe [Cy Nunnally Memorial Airport], Georgia, US
GE01 Naylor [Christians Folly Airport], Georgia, US
44GA Pineview [S&S Flying Service Airport], Georgia, US
4GE7 Perry [AE154 Base Heliport], Georgia, US
46GA Savannah [St. Joseph's Hospital Heliport], Georgia, US
6A1 Butler [Muni], Georgia, US
5GA6 Lilly [Roney Farms Airport], Georgia, US
4J2 Nashville [Berrien County Airport], Georgia, US
81GA Villa Rica [Lucky Lairds Landing Airport], Georgia, US

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