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Location codes 361-380 of 699 in Illinois, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
2H0 Shelbyville [Shelby County Airport], Illinois, US
9IL0 Henry [Villiger Airport], Illinois, US
IL83 Walnut [Fisch Airport], Illinois, US
2IS9 Cooksville [Pontiac Flying/Cooksville Airport], Illinois, US
94IL St. Jacob [Furfaro RLA Airport], Illinois, US
45IL Lake Forest [Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital Heliport], Illinois, US
32IL Tamms [Village of Tamms Heliport], Illinois, US
IS57 Marengo [Wind Rose Farm Airport], Illinois, US
5IS8 McHenry [Northwestern Medicine Hospital McHenry Heliport], Illinois, US
49LL Decatur [Decatur Conference Center and Hotel Heliport], Illinois, US
46IL Macomb [McDonough District Hospital Heliport], Illinois, US
H07 Highland [Highland-Winet Airport], Illinois, US
62IL Marengo [Ferris Field], Illinois, US
IS22 Urbana [County Emergency Services/Disaster Agency Heliport], Illinois, US
69IL Marseilles [David Gillespie Airport], Illinois, US
4IS0 Anna [Joan Graves Edwards Heliport], Illinois, US
2IL5 Morton Grove [Crown Point Corporation Heliport], Illinois, US
LL90 Rockton/Belvidere [McCurdy Strip], Illinois, US
3G8 Geneseo [Gen-Airpark], Illinois, US
IL11 Antioch [Donald Alfred Gade Airport], Illinois, US

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