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Location codes 501-520 of 701 in Illinois, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
IL14 Bloomington [Stark Heliport], Illinois, US
IL88 Compton [Earl Barnickel Airport], Illinois, US
LL45 Gillespie [Lindell Loveless Airport], Illinois, US
IL29 Murrayville [Yates Airport], Illinois, US
7LL7 West Brooklyn [Delhotal Airport], Illinois, US
3LS7 Williamsville [Bock Farms Airport], Illinois, US
IL81 Clifton [Berns Airport], Illinois, US
II31 Essex [Jurassic Landings Ultralight Flightpark], Illinois, US
IL39 Kansas [Perry Airport], Illinois, US
1IL4 Millstadt [Flight Park Inc. Airport], Illinois, US
6LL7 Newton [Jasper County Safety Council Heliport], Illinois, US
LL95 Roselle [Clarke Heliport], Illinois, US
94IS Royalton [Adams Airport (Private)], Illinois, US
IS51 Carthage [Schilson Field], Illinois, US
27IS Dahlgren [Gelfius Intl], Illinois, US
57IS Fairfield [Dozier Airport], Illinois, US
IS86 Buckingham [Hendrix Airport], Illinois, US
0LL1 Jerseyville [Jerseyville Aviation Inc. Airport], Illinois, US
IS85 Patterson [Newton Airport], Illinois, US
72IL Warrenville [Cornerstone Heliport], Illinois, US

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