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Location codes 621-640 of 712 in Illinois, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
0LL3 Jerseyville [Koenig Airport], Illinois, US
LL74 Rochelle [Maple Hurst Farms Airport], Illinois, US
4IS7 Seymour [Litchfield RLA Airport], Illinois, US
1LL8 Sheldon [Zoomer Field], Illinois, US
IS27 Nokomis [Nokomis Community Memorial Park Heliport], Illinois, US
61IL Shiloh [Memorial Hospital East Shiloh Heliport], Illinois, US
28LL Westervelt [Williamson Airport], Illinois, US
7IS4 Danville [Danville Correctional Center Heliport], Illinois, US
3IS9 Grand Tower [Grand Tower Heliport], Illinois, US
3IL8 Gridley [Kuntz RLA Airport], Illinois, US
9IS9 Heyworth [Johnston Airport], Illinois, US
IL71 Hurst [Dury Estates Airport], Illinois, US
IL39 Kansas [Perry RLA Airport], Illinois, US
IS78 Pecatonica [Early - Merkel Field], Illinois, US
3LL9 Pocahontas [Compton Airport], Illinois, US
IS02 Watseka [Dietchweiler Airport], Illinois, US
12IS Aledo [Genesis Medical Center-Aledo Heliport], Illinois, US
3IL9 Atlanta [Alekat Acres Airport], Illinois, US
IL50 Carthage [Memorial Hospital Heliport], Illinois, US
LL13 Enfield [Storey Real Estate Airport], Illinois, US

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