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Location codes 21-40 of 524 in Indiana, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KHFY HFY Indianapolis [Indy South Greenwood Airport], Indiana, US
KPPO LPO PPO La Porte [Muni], Indiana, US
KIMS MDN IMS Madison [Muni], Indiana, US
KMIE MIE MIE Muncie [Delaware County Regional], Indiana, US
KSMD SMD SMD Fort Wayne [Smith Field], Indiana, US
KMQJ MQJ Indianapolis [Indianapolis Regional], Indiana, US
KTEL TEL Tell City [Perry County Muni], Indiana, US
KVPZ VPZ VPZ Valparaiso [Porter County Regional], Indiana, US
KHHG HHG Huntington [Muni], Indiana, US
KUMP UMP Indianapolis [Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport], Indiana, US
KFRH FRH FRH French Lick [Muni], Indiana, US
KMGC MGC MGC Michigan City [Muni-Phillips Field], Indiana, US
KRID RID RID Richmond [Muni], Indiana, US
KGWB GWB Auburn [De Kalb County Airport], Indiana, US
KSER SER SER Seymour [Freeman Muni], Indiana, US
KGEZ GEZ Shelbyville [Muni], Indiana, US
KAID AID AID Anderson [Muni-Darlington Field], Indiana, US
KFKR FKR Frankfort [Muni], Indiana, US
KGSH GSH GSH Goshen [Muni], Indiana, US
KBFR BFR BFR Bedford [Virgil I Grissom Muni], Indiana, US

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