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Location codes 241-260 of 385 in Kansas, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
3KS3 Udall [Rogers Airport], Kansas, US
SN76 Hutchinson [Sunflower Aerodrome Gliderport], Kansas, US
16KS Independence [Harmony Valley Airport], Kansas, US
18KS Udall [Cherokee Strip], Kansas, US
K65 Dighton, Kansas, US
15KS Emporia [Sickler Airstrip], Kansas, US
3KS4 Ulysses [Eveleigh Farms Airport], Kansas, US
95KS Maple Hill [Fuller Airfield], Kansas, US
62KS Cottonwood Falls [Dexter Field], Kansas, US
08KS Bennington [Alderson Airport], Kansas, US
45KS Galesburg [Koafm Airport], Kansas, US
51K Olathe [Cedar Air Park], Kansas, US
1KS2 Easton [Risky Airport], Kansas, US
SN04 Emporia [Roberts Memorial Airport], Kansas, US
SN22 Basehor [Hoelting Airport], Kansas, US
SN18 Augusta [Sills Air Park], Kansas, US
96KS Glasco [Palmer Field], Kansas, US
SN65 Goddard [Lake Waltanna Airport], Kansas, US
12KS Sedgwick [Sooter Airport], Kansas, US
72KS Beverly [Hillbillies Airport], Kansas, US

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