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Location codes 81-100 of 205 in Maine, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
65B Lubec [Muni], Maine, US
87B Portage Lake [Muni SPB], Maine, US
52B Greenville [Greenville SPB], Maine, US
60B Jackman [Moose River SPB], Maine, US
0ME4 Otis [Peasley Field], Maine, US
17ME Van Buren [Bresett's Mountainside Airport], Maine, US
0B1 Bethel [Bethel Regional], Maine, US
02ME Acton [Nadeau's Airport], Maine, US
ME39 Greene [Rocky Ridge Airport], Maine, US
B19 Biddeford [Muni], Maine, US
59B Jackman [Newton Field], Maine, US
ME05 Portage [Allen St. Peter Memorial Airport], Maine, US
29ME China [Teconnet SPB], Maine, US
PG1 Levant [Griffin Field], Maine, US
21ME Gorham [Moody Field], Maine, US
81B Oxford [Oxford County Regional], Maine, US
M00 Augusta [Augusta SPB], Maine, US
ME76 Rockport [Penobscot Bay Medical Center Heliport], Maine, US
39B Chesuncook [Nugent Chamberlain Lake SPB], Maine, US
35ME Matinicus Island, Maine, US

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