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Location codes 41-60 of 489 in Michigan, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KHAI HAI HAI Three Rivers [Muni Dr Haines], Michigan, US
KMCD MCD MCD Mackinac Island, Michigan, US
KLWA LWA South Haven [South Haven Area Regional], Michigan, US
KBAX BAX Bad Axe [Huron County Memorial Airport], Michigan, US
KIRS IRS IRS Sturgis [Kirsch Muni], Michigan, US
KFKS FKS Frankfort [Frankfort Dow Memorial Field], Michigan, US
SSM Sault Ste. Marie [Metro Area], Michigan, US
KDUH DUH Lambertville [Toledo Suburban Airport], Michigan, US
KRCT RCT RCT Reed City [Nartron Field], Michigan, US
KBFA BFA Boyne Falls [Boyne Mountain Airport], Michigan, US
KACB ACB ACB Bellaire [Antrim County Airport], Michigan, US
KVLL VLL Troy [Oakland/Troy Airport], Michigan, US
KGOV GOV Grayling [Grayling AAF Airport], Michigan, US
KPZQ PZQ Rogers City [Presque Isle County Airport], Michigan, US
KMNM MNM MNM Menominee [Menominee Regional], Michigan, US
KAMN AMN AMN Alma [Gratiot Community Airport], Michigan, US
KJYM JYM Hillsdale [Muni], Michigan, US
KHTL HTL HTL Houghton Lake [Roscommon County - Blodgett Memorial Airport], Michigan, US
KCFS CFS Caro [Tuscola Area Airport], Michigan, US
KFFX FFX Fremont [Muni], Michigan, US

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