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Location codes 321-340 of 479 in Minnesota, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
16D Perham [Muni], Minnesota, US
1MN0 Tenney [Wetherbee Farm Airport], Minnesota, US
D37 Warren [Muni], Minnesota, US
7Y4 Bagley [Muni], Minnesota, US
75MN Elysian [Galler's Airport], Minnesota, US
MN96 International Falls [International Falls Customs & Border Patrol Heliport], Minnesota, US
9MN0 Hibbing [Carey Lake SPB], Minnesota, US
6MN4 Lindstrom [North Center Lake SPB], Minnesota, US
MY21 Shoreview [Kollar's Shoreview Marine SPB], Minnesota, US
MN51 Stacy [Bowers Airport], Minnesota, US
25D Forest Lake, Minnesota, US
0MN8 Stillwater [Keller Airport], Minnesota, US
MN73 Marcell [Snell's SPB], Minnesota, US
62MN Taylors Falls, Minnesota, US
MY35 Afton [Walker Field], Minnesota, US
55MN Buckman [Britz Airport], Minnesota, US
2MN9 Warren [North Valley Health Center Heliport], Minnesota, US
MN21 Chanhassen Village [Rileys Landing SPB], Minnesota, US
MY93 Perham [North Air SPB], Minnesota, US
6MN0 Ponsford [Sky Blue Airfield], Minnesota, US

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