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Location codes 221-240 of 515 in Missouri, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MO95 Lockwood [Coose Field], Missouri, US
MU77 Fayette [Aero Britton Airport], Missouri, US
MU13 Parnell [Wray Airfield], Missouri, US
40MO Prairie Home [Dudes Landing Airport], Missouri, US
77MO Mount Vernon [Springhill Airport], Missouri, US
MU01 Blue Eye [Dogwood Canyon Heliport], Missouri, US
7MO7 Golden City [McGuire Airfield], Missouri, US
MO43 Montgomery City [Wilkins Airport], Missouri, US
MU96 St. Louis [South City Hospital Heliport], Missouri, US
MO48 Owensville [Red Oak Airport], Missouri, US
1H3 Linn [State Technical College of Missouri Airport], Missouri, US
MU42 Lee's Summit [St. Lukes East Heliport], Missouri, US
35MU Louisiana [Ae 146 Pike County Heliport], Missouri, US
MU91 Osage Beach [Lake Regional Health System Heliport], Missouri, US
64MO St. Joseph [Booze Island Airport], Missouri, US
6MO3 Houston [Flying 'E' Airport], Missouri, US
MO89 Hillsboro [Christian Outreach Airfield], Missouri, US
2MO3 Independence [Independence Regional Health Center Heliport], Missouri, US
08MO Jasper [Twin Oaks Airport], Missouri, US
MU97 Lexington [Muni], Missouri, US

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