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Location codes 81-100 of 147 in Nevada, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
22NV Winnemucca [Humboldt General Hospital EMS Heliport], Nevada, US
NV73 Pahrump [Precious Materials Heliport], Nevada, US
O43 Yerington [Muni], Nevada, US
NV67 Montello [Pilot Creek Ranches Airport], Nevada, US
NV42 Jean [Heritage Airport], Nevada, US
01U Duckwater, Nevada, US
NV98 Pahrump [Caas Airport], Nevada, US
U74 Crescent Valley, Nevada, US
NV16 Gerlach [Lackerman Ranch Airport], Nevada, US
90NV Pahrump [KPVM Television Heliport], Nevada, US
2NV8 Pahrump [Mercy Air-Pahrump Heliport], Nevada, US
NV30 Fallon [Dixie Valley Airport], Nevada, US
NV06 Gerlach [Soldier Meadow Number 1 Airport], Nevada, US
74P Pahrump [Calvada Meadows Airport], Nevada, US
01NV Yerington [Lantana Ranch Airport], Nevada, US
(U75) Amargosa Valley [Jackass Aeropark Airport], Nevada, US (Airport is no longer in operation)
0L4 Goldfield [Lida Junction Airport], Nevada, US
NV08 Mountain City [Petan Ranch Airport], Nevada, US
NV83 Round Mountain [Hadley Airport], Nevada, US
2NV2 Sparks [Gibb Ranch Airport], Nevada, US

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