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Location codes 221-240 of 573 in New York, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
77NY Fair Haven [Hut Haven SPB], New York, US
68NY Mount Morris [Merrimac Farms Airport], New York, US
NK92 Uniondale [Eab Plaza Heliport], New York, US
9G6 Albion [Pine Hill Airport], New York, US
NY32 Ithaca [Cayuga Medical Center Heliport], New York, US
NK08 High Falls [Sheeley's Farm Airport], New York, US
9NY1 Johnson City [Wilson Memorial Regional Medical Center Heliport], New York, US
3NY2 Astoria [Astoria Heliport], New York, US
NY79 Bliss [Keysa Airport], New York, US
NK27 Springville [Hedge Hop Field], New York, US
NY04 Oyster Bay [Clive Holmes Estate Heliport], New York, US
33NY West Coxsackie [Wayne Delp Airport], New York, US
NK09 Burdett [Eagle Ridge Airport], New York, US
6NK5 Buffalo [Erie County Medical Center Heliport], New York, US
87N Southampton [Southampton Heliport], New York, US
4NK9 Staten Island [Corporate Park of Staten Island Heliport], New York, US
NK95 Pine Island [Bastek Heliport], New York, US
2NY9 Alpine [Kayutah Lake Airport], New York, US
44N Millbrook [Sky Acres Airport], New York, US
92NK Moravia [Owasco Airfield], New York, US

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