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Location codes 41-60 of 581 in New York, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
SXY N23 Sidney [Muni], New York, US
KVGC VGC Hamilton [Muni], New York, US
KMSS MSS MSS Massena [Intl-Richards Field], New York, US
KDKK DKK DKK Dunkirk [Chautauqua County/Dunkirk Airport], New York, US
AXB 89NY Alexandria Bay [Maxson Airfield], New York, US
GC0082 New York (Mineola) [Roosevelt Field (Hempstead Plains Aerodrome, Hazelhurst Field, Curtiss Field)], New York, US
HCC 1B1 Hudson [Columbia County Airport], New York, US
KMTP MTP MTP Montauk, New York, US
KHWV WSH HWV Shirley [Brookhaven Airport], New York, US
KMSV MSV MSV Monticello [Sullivan County Intl], New York, US
KBQR BQR Lancaster [Buffalo-Lancaster Regional], New York, US
4NY2 College Point [Edo SPB], New York, US
K16 Rome [Becks Grove Airport], New York, US
KGVQ GVQ Batavia [Genesee County Airport], New York, US
ZXS Buffalo [Exchange St. Railway Station], New York, US
5NY4 Rome [Stanwix Heights Airport], New York, US
KPTD PTD Potsdam [Muni (Damon Field)], New York, US
FOST Rome [Fort Stanwix NM (Fort Stanwix National Monument)], New York, US
CTX N03 Cortland [Cortland County-Chase Field], New York, US
KLKP LKP LKP Lake Placid, New York, US

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