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Location codes 101-120 of 672 in Ohio, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
I69 Batavia [Clermont County Airport], Ohio, US
4I3 Mount Vernon [Knox County Airport], Ohio, US
OA19 North Canton [Kiko Farm Airport], Ohio, US
40I Waynesville [Red Stewart Airfield], Ohio, US
I54 Tremont City [Mad River Airpark], Ohio, US
OH58 Morrow [Cow Chip Creek Heliport], Ohio, US
3OH0 New Carlisle [Andy Barnhart Memorial Airport], Ohio, US
OI41 Hiram [Far View Airport], Ohio, US
40OI Lodi [M C R Airport], Ohio, US
8OH2 Marysville [Honda Heliport], Ohio, US
OI21 Chillicothe [VA Hospital Heliport], Ohio, US
7OH3 Delaware [Obi One Airport], Ohio, US
8OI6 Cleveland [St. Vincent Charity Hospital Heliport], Ohio, US
28OI Columbus [Mount Carmel East Hospital Heliport], Ohio, US
OI61 Columbus [Mount Carmel Health Heliport], Ohio, US
4OH0 Tipp City [Black Heliport], Ohio, US
I23 Washington Court House [Fayette County Airport], Ohio, US
4OI7 Avon [R & M Aviation Airport], Ohio, US
OH64 Germantown [Hummel Airport], Ohio, US
93OH Atwater [Gay Airport], Ohio, US

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