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Location codes 121-140 of 674 in Ohio, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
OH05 Akron [Akron General Medical Center Heliport], Ohio, US
I19 Dayton [Greene County-Lewis A Jackson Regional], Ohio, US
93OH Atwater [Gay Airport], Ohio, US
1G5 Medina [Muni], Ohio, US
4OI7 Avon [R & M Aviation Airport], Ohio, US
08OH Hartford [Kenley Airport], Ohio, US
I74 Urbana [Grimes Field], Ohio, US
17OH Kipton [Kosik Airport (Private)], Ohio, US
OI50 Cleveland [1st District Police Sta Heliport], Ohio, US
OA09 London [Madison Health Heliport], Ohio, US
OH04 Mount Vernon [Knox Community Hospital Heliport], Ohio, US
8OA9 Seville [Margos Sky Ranch Airport], Ohio, US
44OH Cuyahoga Falls [SJS Heliport], Ohio, US
77OI Cleveland [University Hospitals of Cleveland Heliport], Ohio, US
OI01 Logan [Lazy-W Airport], Ohio, US
60OI Milan [Zorn Acres Airport], Ohio, US
7OA7 Xenia [Skydive Greene County Inc. Airport], Ohio, US
OI91 Yellow Springs [Hammond Airport], Ohio, US
00OH Cincinnati [Good Samaritan Medical Center Heliport], Ohio, US
04I Columbus [Columbus Southwest Airport], Ohio, US

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