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Location codes 261-280 of 471 in Oklahoma, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
3O9 Afton [Grand Lake Regional], Oklahoma, US
2OK0 Marlow [VR Airstrip], Oklahoma, US
38OK Duncan [Duncan Regional Hospital Heliport], Oklahoma, US
5OK6 Ramona [DCH Annex Ultralight Flightpark], Oklahoma, US
9OK7 Stratford [Prairie Ridge Airport], Oklahoma, US
0F9 Tishomingo [Tishomingo Airpark], Oklahoma, US
1OK3 Bray [Wolfe Field], Oklahoma, US
0OK5 Guthrie [Chappell Airport], Oklahoma, US
F31 Kingston [Lake Texoma State Park Airport], Oklahoma, US
43OK Wellston [Biggs Skypatch Airport], Oklahoma, US
OK29 Marietta [Travis Airport], Oklahoma, US
59OK Braggs [Camp Gruber Heliport], Oklahoma, US
2OK6 Vinita [Ratcliff Ranch Airport], Oklahoma, US
48OK Pond Creek [Coyote Run Airport], Oklahoma, US
OK80 Ada [Thomas Ranch Airport], Oklahoma, US
09OK Collinsville [Ragtime Aerodrome], Oklahoma, US
OK24 Lone Grove [Colby Field], Oklahoma, US
OK18 Adair [Grand Isle Airport], Oklahoma, US
OK38 Perry [Stillwater Medical-Perry Heliport], Oklahoma, US
07OK Snyder [Pleasant Valley Airport], Oklahoma, US

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