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Location codes 61-80 of 471 in Oklahoma, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KGZL GZL Stigler [Stigler Regional], Oklahoma, US
8OK9 Oklahoma City [Nu-Tech Energy Co. Heliport], Oklahoma, US
BWL 6OK6 Blackwell [Earl Henry Airport], Oklahoma, US
7OK7 Tulsa [City of Faith Heliport], Oklahoma, US
KHAX HAX Muskogee [Hatbox Field], Oklahoma, US
5OK2 Non [Christopher M Rippee Memorial Airport], Oklahoma, US
O47 Prague [Muni], Oklahoma, US
9OK1 Oklahoma City [Omh Heliport], Oklahoma, US
5O1 Vici [Muni], Oklahoma, US
OL08 Cheyenne [L J Pankey Heliport], Oklahoma, US
12OK Kingston [Flying M Airport], Oklahoma, US
OK66 Kremlin [F W Zaloudek Airport], Oklahoma, US
2OK7 Newcastle [Cole Landing Area Airport], Oklahoma, US
7OK9 Tulsa [St. John Heliport], Oklahoma, US
OK47 Manchester [Miller Brothers Airport], Oklahoma, US
OK46 Manchester [McCrays Airport], Oklahoma, US
42OK Oklahoma City [KWTV Heliport], Oklahoma, US
89OK Sallisaw [Neversweat Too Airport], Oklahoma, US
17K Boise City, Oklahoma, US
3OK7 Sand Springs [Double W Airport], Oklahoma, US

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