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Location codes 61-80 of 763 in Pennsylvania, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KPD 6PS2 King of Prussia [Stouffers Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
02PA Monroeville [Lag III Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
9PA4 Philadelphia [S & C 8th & Market Helistop], Pennsylvania, US
5PA2 St. John's [Double D Skyranch Airport], Pennsylvania, US
49PA Stone Church [Gap View Airport], Pennsylvania, US
P99 Mount Pleasant [W P H S Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
PS46 Dublin [Graystrip Airport], Pennsylvania, US
PA33 Athens [Lars/Private Airport], Pennsylvania, US
71PA York [YBP Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
PS55 Philadelphia [Core States - 1st PA Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
PS35 Fredericksburg [Dutch Country Egg Farms Airport], Pennsylvania, US
PS28 Philadelphia [Penn Dda Inc. Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
1PA3 Kellers Church [Ridgeview Airport], Pennsylvania, US
9PS7 Duncansville [W S Lee & Sons Inc. Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
PA03 Philadelphia [Hospital of University of PA Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
9PA6 Philadelphia [State Police Area Six Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
PA74 Elizabethville/Halifax [Gusler Airport], Pennsylvania, US
PA10 Du Bois [Penn Highlands Healthcare - Du Bois Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
PA92 Hamburg [Blue Mountain Academy Airport (Private)], Pennsylvania, US
8PA9 Lahaska [Sons II Heliport], Pennsylvania, US

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