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Location codes 141-160 of 763 in Pennsylvania, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
PA37 Mahanoy [Sci-Mahanoy Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
PA84 Thomasville [Level Acres Farm Airport], Pennsylvania, US
PN11 Enon Valley [Reno Airport], Pennsylvania, US
92PN New Wilmington [Bartsch Airport], Pennsylvania, US
PN23 Pittsburgh [University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Mercy Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
PN78 Pittsburgh [600 Grant Street Rooftop Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
6PA8 Lock Haven [Tall Pines Airfield], Pennsylvania, US
30PN Pittsburgh [Pittsburgh Children's Hospital Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
1PA1 Philadelphia [401 City Avenue Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
16PA Eighty Four [Gregg Airport], Pennsylvania, US
58N Palmyra [Reigle Field], Pennsylvania, US
8PN2 Bangor [Hallett's Airport], Pennsylvania, US
78PA Newtown Square [SAP America Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
PN07 White Haven [Cranes-n-Lifts Inc. Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
7PA2 Wind Gap [State Park Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
9PS2 Worthington [J T Willie Airport], Pennsylvania, US
80PA Moosic [Pamco PA Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
06PA Ceres [Freefall Oz Airport], Pennsylvania, US
8PA1 Ono [Dee Jay Airport], Pennsylvania, US
6PN6 Pittsburgh [Henke Heliport], Pennsylvania, US

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