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Location codes 121-140 of 340 in Tennessee, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
99TN Brownsville [Haywood County EMS Heliport], Tennessee, US
TN98 Knoxville [Sky Ranch Airport], Tennessee, US
90TN Oak Ridge [Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge Hospital Heliport], Tennessee, US
5TN5 Jonesborough [Thomas Field], Tennessee, US
(KLHC) (LHC) Arlington [Muni], Tennessee, US (Airport is no longer in operation)
TN12 Lewisburg [Hudgin Air Airport], Tennessee, US
TN42 Whitwell [Valley View Assisted Living Heliport], Tennessee, US
0TN8 Chattanooga [Erlanger Medical Center Heliport], Tennessee, US
TN74 Lenoir City [Will A Hildreth Farm Airport], Tennessee, US
TN64 Sweetwater [West Wind Airpark], Tennessee, US
TN10 Sharps Chapel [Lake View Airport], Tennessee, US
5TN9 Cookeville [One Grand Field], Tennessee, US
0TN7 Knoxville [Horne Properties Heliport], Tennessee, US
0TN3 Knoxville [Park West Heliport], Tennessee, US
0TN0 Spring Hill [R & S Buzzard Airport], Tennessee, US
8TN1 Eads [Parker Airport], Tennessee, US
TN94 Knoxville [Robertson Farm Airport], Tennessee, US
0TN4 Knoxville [Physicians Medical Regional Center Heliport], Tennessee, US
TN03 Chattanooga [Memorial Health Care System Heliport], Tennessee, US
2TN3 Lewisburg [Rocky Acres Airport], Tennessee, US

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