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Location codes 161-180 of 2071 in Texas, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KSOA SOA Sonora [Muni], Texas, US
CUX 07TE Corpus Christi [Cuddihy Field], Texas, US
TS29 Eddy [Liberty Hill Intl], Texas, US
KNWL NWL Corpus Christi [Waldron Field NOLF Airport], Texas, US
KRPH RPH Graham [Muni], Texas, US
KRCK RCK RCK Rockdale [H H Coffield Regional], Texas, US
KCOM COM COM Coleman [Muni], Texas, US
5TA8 Athens [Deer Meadow Ranch Airport], Texas, US
6TE5 Edna [Kubecka Flying Service Inc. Airport], Texas, US
KUVA UVA UVA Uvalde [Garner Field], Texas, US
74TS Lubbock [St. Mary of The Plains Hospital Heliport], Texas, US
KJAS JAS JAS Jasper [Jasper County-Bell Field], Texas, US
KXBP XBP Bridgeport [Muni], Texas, US
F69 Dallas [Air Park-Dallas], Texas, US
XA87 Athens [Coon Creek Club Heliport], Texas, US
TE17 Robinson [Heathrow Airport], Texas, US
F44 Athens [Muni], Texas, US
7TX9 Old Boston [Ashford Field], Texas, US
KORG ORG Orange [Orange County Airport], Texas, US
KPVW PVW PVW Plainview [Hale County Airport], Texas, US

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