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Location codes 21-40 of 191 in Utah, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KPUC PUC PUC Price [Carbon County Regional/Buck Davis Field], Utah, US
KFOM FIL FOM Fillmore [Muni], Utah, US
KRIF RIF RIF Richfield [Muni], Utah, US
MSD 43U Mount Pleasant, Utah, US
RVR U34 Green River [Muni], Utah, US
BFG U07 Glen Canyon National Recreation Area [Bullfrog Basin Airport], Utah, US
KSPK SPK Spanish Fork [Muni/Woodhouse Field], Utah, US
KENV ENV ENV Wendover, Utah, US
KDPG DPG DPG Dugway Proving Ground [Michael AAF Airport (Dugway Proving Ground)], Utah, US
KTVY TVY Tooele [Bolinder Field-Tooele Valley Airport], Utah, US
KBTF BTF BTF Bountiful [Skypark Airport], Utah, US
UT33 Salt Lake City [Kutv Channel Two Heliport], Utah, US
GMV UT25 Monument Valley, Utah, US
KHVE HVE HVE Hanksville, Utah, US
MXC U43 Monticello, Utah, US
SBO 44U Salina [Salina-Gunnison Airport], Utah, US
UT38 Moab [Two Jays Number 1 Heliport], Utah, US
NTJ 41U Manti [Manti-Ephraim Airport], Utah, US
(KSGU) (SGU) St. George [St. George Muni], Utah, US (Airport is no longer in operation)
U42 Salt Lake City [South Valley Regional], Utah, US

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