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Location codes 81-100 of 185 in Utah, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
05M Lehi [Mountain Point Medical Center Helipad], Utah, US
UT39 North Salt Lake [A A Helicopters Inc. Heliport], Utah, US
UT80 Cedar City [Hamilton Fort Ranch Airport], Utah, US
UT60 Peoa [Peoa Heliport (Private)], Utah, US
2UT4 Heber City [Heber Valley Hospital Heliport], Utah, US
UT12 Cedar City [Gilbert Development Shop Heliport], Utah, US
NABR San Juan County [Natural Bridges NM (Natural Bridges National Monument)], Utah, US
07UT Howell [E Northrop Grumman Airport], Utah, US
UT28 Lund [Sun Valley Estates Airport], Utah, US
25UT Draper [Lone Peak Hospital Heliport], Utah, US
UT02 Kanab [Kane County Hospital Heliport], Utah, US
2UT3 Brigham City [Fort Ranch Airport], Utah, US
UT74 Fry Canyon [Fry Canyon Field], Utah, US
UT79 Jensen [3-I Rocker Ranch Airport], Utah, US
UT76 Huntsville [LR Wasatch Heliport], Utah, US
RABR Rainbow Bridge National Monument [Rainbow Bridge NM], Utah, US
UT35 Payson [Mountain View Hospital Heliport], Utah, US
UT37 Mt. Pleasant [Sanpete Valley Hospital Heliport], Utah, US
TICA Timpanogos Cave National Monument [Timpanogos Cave NM], Utah, US
CEBR Cedar Breaks National Monument [Cedar Breaks NM], Utah, US

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