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Location codes 21-40 of 430 in Virginia, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KEZF EZF Fredericksburg [Shannon Airport], Virginia, US
KCXE CXE Chase City [Muni], Virginia, US
KNYG NYG NYG Quantico [Quantico McAf Airport (Turner Field)], Virginia, US
KMTV MTV Martinsville [Blue Ridge Airport], Virginia, US
KGVE GVE GVE Gordonsville [Muni], Virginia, US
KNHU NHU Norfolk [Norfolk NS Airport], Virginia, US
KGDY GDY Grundy [Muni], Virginia, US
FLE VA35 Fort Lee [Fort Lee Number 1/HQS Heliport], Virginia, US
KHLX HLX Galax Hillsville [Twin County Airport], Virginia, US
KLKU LOW LKU Louisa [Louisa County/Freeman Field], Virginia, US
KBKT BKT BKT Blackstone [Allen C Perkinson Blackstone AAF Airport], Virginia, US
KCPK CPK Norfolk [Chesapeake Regional], Virginia, US
KAVC AVC South Hill [Mecklenburg-Brunswick Regional], Virginia, US
KDAN DAN DAN Danville [Danville Regional], Virginia, US
KPVG PVG Norfolk [Hampton Roads Exec Airport], Virginia, US
KAKQ AKQ Wakefield [Muni], Virginia, US
KFAF FAF FAF Fort Eustis [Felker AAF Airport], Virginia, US
KPTB PTB PTB Petersburg [Tri Cities Exec/Dinwiddie County Airport], Virginia, US
KLVL LVL LVL Lawrenceville [Brunswick County Airport], Virginia, US
KVBW VBW Bridgewater [Bridgewater Air Park], Virginia, US

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