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Location codes 81-100 of 135 in Wyoming, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
48U Green River [Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport Airport], Wyoming, US
WY40 Laramie [Ivinson Memorial Hospital Heliport], Wyoming, US
33WY Etna [Skidmo Airport], Wyoming, US
WY44 Mule Creek Junction [Robbers Roost Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US
WY06 Cody [Luckinbill Airstrip], Wyoming, US
WY30 Dubois [Kinky Creek Divide Airport], Wyoming, US
WY62 Cody [Cody Regional Health Heliport], Wyoming, US
0WY1 Basin [Dorsey Creek Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US
WY01 Bill [Dilts Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US
18WY Jackson [Teton County Search & Rescue Heliport], Wyoming, US
WY12 Gillette [Ohman Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US
98WY Jackson [HMHS Heliport], Wyoming, US
WY47 Casper [True Heliport], Wyoming, US
WY29 Chugwater [Vowers Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US
WY33 Daniel [Mountain King Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US
WY21 Gillette [Campbell County Memorial Hospital Heliport], Wyoming, US
WY23 Sussex [Iberlin Strip], Wyoming, US
99WY Dayton [Xingu Airstrip], Wyoming, US
WY57 Casper [Wyoming Medical Center Heliport], Wyoming, US
WY31 Jackson [Melody Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US

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