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Location codes 121-135 of 135 in Wyoming, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
WY02 Carpenter [Morrison Airport], Wyoming, US
WY28 Pinedale [Pinedale Medical Clinic Heliport], Wyoming, US
WY15 Powell [Bunch Grass Intergalactic Airport], Wyoming, US
WY22 Savageton [Iberlin Ranch Number 1 Airport], Wyoming, US
WY08 Alta [Sundance Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US
WY34 Lysite [Bridger Creek Airport], Wyoming, US
WY27 Douglas [Wagonhound Airport], Wyoming, US
WY24 Riverton [Riverton Memorial Hospital Heliport], Wyoming, US
WY68 Rawlins [Memorial Hospital Heliport], Wyoming, US
WY37 Pinedale [Sublette County Hospital District Heliport], Wyoming, US
WY53 Four Corners [Moburg Aero Airport], Wyoming, US
WY45 Hillsdale [Michael Skypark Airport], Wyoming, US
WY56 Hulett [Pierce Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US
WY58 Wheatland [Hilty Private Strip], Wyoming, US
WY54 Riverton [Riverton Hospital Heliport], Wyoming, US

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