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Location codes 181-200 of 200 near location 30°48'N 130°12'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
5CL3 Modesto [Mapes Ranch Airport], California, US (699 mi / 1125 km NE)
CL10 Malibu [Anacapa View Estates Heliport], California, US (699 mi / 1125 km E)
1CA9 Thousand Oaks [Los Angeles County Fire Department Heliport], California, US (700 mi / 1126 km E)
1O2 Lakeport [Lampson Field], California, US (700 mi / 1126 km NE)
CL82 Thousand Oaks [Los Robles Regional Medical Center Heliport], California, US (701 mi / 1128 km NE)
CL96 Vacaville [Vaca Valley Hospital Heliport], California, US (701 mi / 1128 km NE)
82CA Moorpark [SCE Moorpark Substation Heliport], California, US (701 mi / 1128 km NE)
CN95 Stockton [Heritage Field], California, US (702 mi / 1129 km NE)
CN67 Fillmore [Rotorcraft Support Inc./Rsi Heliport], California, US (702 mi / 1129 km NE)
KVCB VCB VCB Vacaville [Nut Tree Airport], California, US (702 mi / 1129 km NE)
12CL Stratford [Newton Field], California, US (702 mi / 1130 km NE)
CA57 Vacaville [Blake Sky Park Airport], California, US (703 mi / 1131 km NE)
O88 Rio Vista [Muni], California, US (703 mi / 1131 km NE)
17CA Manteca [Kaiser Foundation Hospital Manteca Heliport], California, US (703 mi / 1131 km NE)
KNLC NLC NLC Lemoore [NAS Lemoore (Reeves Field)], California, US (703 mi / 1131 km NE)
02CL Frazier Park [Conover Air Lodge Airport], California, US (703 mi / 1132 km NE)
CN88 Vacaville [Kaiser Medical Center Vacaville Heliport], California, US (703 mi / 1132 km NE)
S74 Stockton [Lost Isle SPB], California, US (704 mi / 1132 km NE)
CA05 Stratford [Machado Dusters Airport], California, US (704 mi / 1133 km NE)
CA49 Stratford [Jones Farms Airport], California, US (704 mi / 1133 km NE)

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