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Location codes 141-160 of 200 near location 30°48'N 130°12'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KLSN LSN LSN Los Baņos [Muni], California, US (688 mi / 1107 km NE)
KLLR LLR Little River, California, US (688 mi / 1107 km NE)
CA80 Los Baņos [Memorial Hospital Los Banos Heliport], California, US (688 mi / 1107 km NE)
C83 Byron, California, US (689 mi / 1108 km NE)
5CA7 Five Points [Agro-West Airport], California, US (689 mi / 1109 km NE)
7CA9 Rutherford [River Meadow Farm Heliport], California, US (689 mi / 1109 km NE)
6CL5 Ojai [Majlar Heliport], California, US (689 mi / 1109 km NE)
KCMA CMA Camarillo, California, US (689 mi / 1109 km NE)
KTCY TCY Tracy [Muni], California, US (690 mi / 1110 km NE)
CL39 St. Helena [Napa County Fire Department Heliport], California, US (690 mi / 1111 km NE)
CL01 Dos Palos [Eagle Field], California, US (690 mi / 1111 km NE)
10CN St. Helena [Adventist Health St. Helena Heliport], California, US (691 mi / 1112 km NE)
(KNRC) CA93 Crows Landing, California, US (692 mi / 1113 km NE)
3O1 Gustine, California, US (692 mi / 1113 km NE)
L17 Taft [Taft-Kern County Airport], California, US (693 mi / 1114 km NE)
4CA2 Brentwood [Funny Farm Airport], California, US (693 mi / 1116 km NE)
CA67 Westley [Valley Crop Dusters, Inc. Airport], California, US (694 mi / 1116 km NE)
KSZP SZP SZP Santa Paula, California, US (694 mi / 1117 km NE)
CN19 Knightsen [Las Serpientes Airport], California, US (694 mi / 1117 km NE)
28CA Dos Palos, California, US (694 mi / 1117 km NE)

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