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Location codes 2681-2700 of 20281 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KLUL LUL LUL Laurel [Hesler-Noble Field], Mississippi, US
JGL 16GA Marietta [Galleria Heliport], Georgia, US
0WI9 Oregon [McManus Hoonch-Na-Shee-Kaw Airport], Wisconsin, US
KNVI NVI Wallace [Pace NOLF Heliport], Florida, US
KANW ANW ANW Ainsworth [Ainsworth Regional], Nebraska, US
PAKH AKK AKK Akhiok, Alaska, US
1A0 Chattanooga [Dallas Bay Sky Park Airport], Tennessee, US
KFMZ FMZ Fairmont [Fairmont State Airfield], Nebraska, US
KLUV LUV Lamesa [Muni], Texas, US
KMPG MPG Moundsville [Marshall County Airport], West Virginia, US
KNRN NRN Norton [Muni], Kansas, US
KPHP PHP PHP Philip, South Dakota, US
UT33 Salt Lake City [Kutv Channel Two Heliport], Utah, US
BLCA Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park [Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP], Colorado, US
KCKA CKA CKA Cherokee [Kegelman AF Auxiliary Field], Oklahoma, US
PAPK PKA PKA Napaskiak, Alaska, US
PAWN WTK WTK Noatak, Alaska, US
KSRE SRE Seminole [Muni], Oklahoma, US
KCCA CCA Clinton [Muni], Arkansas, US
KCDH CDH CDH Camden [Harrell Field], Arkansas, US

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