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Location codes 1-20 of 100 in Norway:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ENGM OSL Oslo [Oslo Airport Gardermoen], Akershus, NO
ENZV SVG Stavanger [Sola], NO
ENBR BGO Bergen [Flesland], NO
ENVA TRD Trondheim (Stjørdal) [Vaernes], NO
ENTC TOS Tromsø [Langnes], NO
ENSB LYR Longyearbyen (Longyear) [Svalbard Airport], Svalbard, NO
ENRY RYG Moss [Moss Airport Rygge], NO
ENTO TRF Sandefjord [Torp], NO
ENAL AES Ålesund (Aalesund) [Vigra], NO
ENCN KRS Kristiansand [Kjevik], Vest-Agder, NO
ENRA MQN Mo i Rana [Røssvoll], Nordland, NO
ENKR KKN Kirkenes [Høybuktmoen], NO
ENEV EVE Evenes [Harstad/Narvik], NO
FBU Oslo [Fornebu Seaplane Base], NO
ENAS EN67 Ny-Ålesund [Ny-Ålesund Hamnerabben (Broggerhalvoya)], Svalbard, NO
ENFL FRO Florø, Sogn og Fjordane, NO
ENHD HAU Haugesund [Karmøy], NO
ENML MOL Molde [Årø], Møre og Romsdal, NO

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